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There are also two HRs who came over and said hypocritically, that is, the kind of nonsense market analysis, competitiveness analysis balabala, and then a hypocritical sentence, haha, in fact, this sentence is their purpose, and they said so much. A foreshadowing. Just because I satirized their posts in my article? What I said is the truth, and the professionalism that you jumped out to express also illustrates this point. As an HR, who does not know what you are talking about? Why do you know why? If nothing else, I can just write market analysis and competitive product analysis. Don't tell me about this, your unprofessionalism annoys me.

5. Familiar with Taobao and Tmall trading rules and operating procedures, with more than half a year of online work experience in Taobao customer service;

The so-called psoriasis advertisements are actually advertisements that are not used for eggs. We can see that, except for gambling and gambling advertisements, they are advertisements that sell items to deceive people. They really came along all the way, and I don’t know they were cheated. How many times, it can be said that I have given away no less than 100,000 in the pits on my network, so I won't introduce more here! It’s not a blessing. I’ll do a simple calculation here. The charge for 125 text ads is 400, and here is 50,000 yuan a month! The small picture in the middle is 20 charges 2000 a month, a month is 40,000, the long picture is 3,000, a month is 75,000, plus the headline on the homepage and the ads on the left and right sides, it adds up to 200,000! Just such a website has a monthly income of 500,000. How can video from the media make money? More than a company can make!

Now the most profitable business using mobile phones is WeChat, but most of them are not profitable, because the most annoying thing about WeChat is advertising. Therefore, it seems that making money as a micro business is not as good as before, and there are fewer micro businesses. However, this is not to say that wechat businesses are not good, there are still many people who make money by doing wechat businesses. Wechat merchants only use the mobile Internet or WeChat platform to sell goods. As long as you have good products, you can make money by selling goods through Wechat.

The first is that you don’t need to have any knowledge. Basically, they are multiple choice questions. They are very simple. As long as they are logical, you can basically get the money.

In the past few days, a piece of news about ""Today's Toutiao Fighting for Knowing the Big V"" came into our eyes. It is said that today's Toutiao is spending money, please know the big V above to go to their platform to do content, and promise to give A great return. Behind this news is the imminent realization of high-quality content, and traditional spam content is facing an embarrassing situation."

Eggplant Play is a newly opened experience platform that focuses on making money from games. The company operates. The website is not a template station. The main color is eggplant. The art is done well. In the initial stage of the website, it will mainly make money from web games, and then make money. Will gradually increase.

In fact, many friends who come here are dumbfounded when they come in, and don't know what they should do. Here I recommend new people to see "Is Happy Earning Really Real?" Just look at this article. There are tutorials on how to make money from happiness. If you read it carefully and insist on operating for two hours a day, you will have at least three incomes in one month. Four hundred. Of course, tutorials are just tutorials and can't help you make money. If you just look at it and don't take action, the money will definitely not fall to you in vain.

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